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We have saved almost 5,000 babies from abortion since 2000

Real LAPS Stories

“[LAPS] gave me the courage to have my baby and to become the best mother I could be.”

"...From my first appointment with you, I have been so grateful. [LAPS] gave me the courage to have my baby and to become the best mother I could be. With that confidence, I graduated from my university and have become more than I ever thought I would. My son has changed my life for the best. He is my absolute entire world. Thank you again so much for all of your help." - Jenna, 25

This precious infant, Danielle, was saved by a LAPS paper ad.

"I am grateful that LAPS exists to help moms like me to reconsider our plans [to have an abortion] before it's too late. I hope you'll be able to help many more people. May God bless all of you! My husband and I are grateful for all you have done for us. We are so happy to have our daughter with us. She is a blessing God has given to us." - Sara

"If I had known this before, my child would be alive today."

Cristina sat in our counseling room with a hand on her abdomen, as she contemplated having another abortion. She had found LAPS, thanks to one of our internet ads. Cristina had a profound dilemma. She had suffered through an abusive relationship and had not taken care of her health, so it was difficult for her to envision a bright future with a child. But upon learning about the violent nature of the abortion procedure and the help LAPS could provide, she knew in her heart that she could not take the life of her precious 17-week old unborn baby. "I was never counseled or given any of this information when I had my first abortion. They didn't even show me the ultrasound," she said brokenhearted. "If I had known this before, my child would be alive today." Yet this time Cristina knew that things could be different. She was referred immediately to a pro-life, high risk pregnancy specialist to get her ultrasound and treatment for her health concerns. Before she left, she thanked our counselor teary-eyed and relieved. The counselor was inspired to give Cristina a pair of baby booties, lovingly knitted by one of our supporters, which brought a beautiful smile to Cristina's face.

Evelin discovered LAPS through our Internet ad campaign

"When I first called LAPS I was totally lost. I am so glad you answered my call because I was so confused about what to do. Coming to LAPS was the best decision I ever made...because today I have my baby boy Moses. What a perfect name for him, because sometimes I think that I didn't choose him. He chose me." - Evelin

Marcia wrote this heartfelt letter to LAPS staff.

"When I first found out I was pregnant I was incredibly scared. I started to think about all the things I would miss out on. I searched on the internet for a way to "get rid" of my problem, but instead found LAPS which offered alternatives. I wanted to find out about alternatives to abortion because I really didn't want to do that. When I came to LAPS it changed my life. I knew God sent me here for a reason. He wanted to keep my baby's life safe. When I decided to have my baby everything that I was scared of disappeared. Now that I have my beautiful baby boy I am the happiest person. I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of LAPS. My baby has brought so much joy into my life and to my entire family. I can't imagine life without him. I'm blessed to have found LAPS!" - Marcia

“Coming to LAPS changed everything.”

Last spring, Aurora had been to an abortion clinic to get a pregnancy test. They pressured her to abort and she was tempted. Aurora went home to think about it. Still tempted by abortion but feeling unsure she saw one of LAPS' advertisements and made the call. While at LAPS, Aurora poured her heart out to our counselor, Alma, about feeling overwhelmed by her pregnancy and her problems. Alma encouraged her to trust God and to let us help her get through the problems she was facing in her life. Last month, Aurora, nine months pregnant at the time, shared her thoughts with us. "LAPS was the only place that told me my baby was a blessing. And you are right! I am so happy I am having my baby. I'm due this week and my other children are so excited. They already named their little brother 'Andrew.' "Baby Andrew is one of 356 unborn babies that were spared from abortion in 2013, thanks to God's grace and the generosity of our donors. Aurora came to visit LAPS, and looked looked happy and relaxed, just days after having given birth via C-section. The peace and joy in her face was obvious. Aurora also shared that after her initial visit to LAPS, the abortion facility kept calling her. "I was so happy to be having my baby that I just changed my number so they would stop calling me. I am so happy that I came here to LAPS!" “I felt so much pressure to have an abortion. I was so depressed. Coming to LAPS changed everything. The counselors’ kind words and encouragement made me feel reassured and stronger. She was the only person who called my baby a blessing. I am so happy and I love my son!” - Aurora, 33, mother of baby Andrew saved in 2013

Good and evil were fighting over her soul and her baby.

Mariela, anxious about possibly being pregnant, was looking for answers in one of the Spanish-language magazines where LAPS runs ads - the same magazine where the abortionists run their ads. Good and evil were fighting over her soul and her baby. Suddenly Mariela spotted our bright, attractive ad offering free pregnancy tests, access to free ultrasounds, and counseling about her options in life. She phoned LAPS and made an appointment to come in. When she walked through our door she was very depressed and confused because she thought abortion might be the only solution for a single woman. But our counselor greeted her with warmth and compassion, listening to her story and informing her about the dangers of abortion and the positive, loving alternatives available to her. As Mariela talked about her pregnancy, the conversation naturally turned to God. She said she felt ashamed about her situation and unworthy of His love because of the life she'd been living. Our counselor helped her see that God loves us regardless of our sins and wants to give us salvation and hope. Mariela soon realized that her baby was a sign of hope and God's healing mercy. She chose life!

LAPS saved not only my baby but my life as well.

A young woman named Marissa soon walked into LAPS because she'd found us on Google. She didn't speak English . . . and she didn't speak Spanish. She was from Brazil and spoke only Portuguese! While we quickly began to contact our Portuguese-speaking volunteers, we did our best to make her feel welcome and to understand her situation. She explained that she'd flown in two days ago from Brazil because she was looking for a late-term abortion. The abortion center where she'd made an appointment quoted her a price for an abortion at four months, but when she arrived they found her baby was closer to five months. They told her the abortion would cost $2,000 more. Marissa began to search for help on Google and found LAPS, which is just walking distance from the abortion center. Soon, a Portuguese friend of LAPS, Ana, contacted us. She'd been on a Divine Mercy retreat and had her phone shut down . . . but something told her to answer her phone. As she read our request for help, she prayed to Merciful Jesus to give her the words to say to our young mom. When she phoned LAPS, she helped us communicate with Marissa and give her a beautiful, uplifting message of hope in her native tongue. Ana's kind words helped Marissa to see there was still time to change course, and she agreed to go to Guadalupe Medical Center to have an ultrasound with LAPS's friend Dr. Paddy Baggot. As she marveled at the sight of her beautiful daughter on the ultrasound screen, Marissa remembered the dreams of being a mother that she'd had while growing up. She began to see that God's Hand had been on her all along, and she wholeheartedly embraced the gift of life. Back home in Brazil, her family and friends rejoiced at the good news. She even handed the phone to me because a friend of hers wanted to thank us. "When she was here," the friend said, "we did all we could to convince her not to do it. You were able to reach her heart. Thank you!" Marissa later shared, "LAPS saved not only my baby but my life as well. Beyond my life I feel that you saved my soul and my happiness. I would have had an abortion on impulse without much information or advice from anyone."

"Can you help us save our baby?"

This desperate plea came from Kevin, a teen dad who called the LAPS crisis hotline after learning about us through an internet search. Afraid and desperate, he told LAPS counselor Vanessa, "My girlfriend is pregnant and her parents want her to have an abortion. Is there anything you can do to help us? Can you help us save our baby?" Vanessa reassured him, "Come here right away. We will help you." But there was more to the story, which Vanessa learned when they walked through the door of LAPS. Marlene told Vanessa some shocking news: "My mom already took me to a doctor, who gave me an injection. It was supposed to cause an abortion but it didn't seem to work. I think I am still pregnant." Tears streaming down her face, she added, "But I didn't want to harm my baby... is there such a thing as an abortion reversal?" This teen couple was filled with questions and fears. Vanessa took the teens to one of the wonderful pro-life medical clinics with which we're blessed to work. We prayed that Dr. Paddy Baggot and an ultrasound would give the young couple hope about the life of their unborn child. Kevin, Marlene, Vanessa, Dr. Baggot, and his nurse waited anxiously to see whether the little one was alive. A few minutes into the test, the most beautiful sound appeared: A heartbeat! A strong and healthy heartbeat of a baby who was fighting for his life! Joy filled the room and the hearts of the young parents. "I was so relieved to hear the baby's heartbeat," Marlene said. "We feel that this is all a miracle." The LAPS Benevolence Fund paid for the special medications and vitamins Marlene needed. Vanessa encouraged her and Kevin to look ahead to the future with hope and courage and always to trust in God. In follow-up phone calls with Vanessa, Kevin and Marlene said that though it was daunting and tough, they'd spoken with their parents about keeping their baby and were looking toward to their future: "This baby is giving us a drive to be better people and to work hard. And to believe that our dreams will come true." And guess what happened?! Kevin and Marlene stopped by LAPS on the way back from a prenatal doctor visit. With beaming faces, they showed us their growing baby's ultrasound. Their faith in a loving, faithful God has grown, too: "Ever since this all happened," Kevin said, "I have grown to believe that there is a God. That He's real. When I found out Marlene was in danger of aborting, it was one of the first times I prayed."

She started the abortion, then this happened

Only days before Mother's Day, 2014, we got a terrifying call from a desperate father named Tony. A sidewalk counselor outside the largest abortion center near LAPS had told him to call us: "My girlfriend is inside having an abortion. Our baby is five months! I called the police, but they can't help me. Can you help me?" The two had an argument that morning, and being mad at him, she went in for an abortion - a second-trimester abortion that requires a two-day "procedure." (The mom gets "treated" one day, then returns the next day to expel her baby.) As we spoke with Tony, his girlfriend was inside the abortion center, undergoing the first part of the "procedure." When she got home, she was suffering tremendous pain. We asked Tony if she'd speak to us. There was still hope, because pro-life doctors could REVERSE the "procedure" and save her baby. We'd seen other successful abortion reversals, both of the abortion pill and the second-trimester abortion, both of which are two-day abortions. We prayed that she'd speak with us and would agree to choose life and reverse the abortion. As our counselor spoke with her, she began to see what a mistake she'd made, and she decided to reverse the abortion! But there was a problem: our local pro-life gynecologist was 3,000 miles away, at a conference in the East Coast! The nearest doctor who'd reverse the abortion was two hours away. We were in a race against the clock. But that evening, thanks to much prayer and the availability of the second doctor, the abortion reversal was successful! The couple was grateful beyond words! They enjoyed a beautiful Mother's Day with their baby safe in mommy's womb. We continued working with the couple, who plan to get married and build a family. Eddie, their beautiful baby boy, was born in November.

* All names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.