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The Pro-Life Baby Bottle Campaign

Consider allowing LAPS to do a baby bottle campaign at your church. WE DO ALL THE WORK!

The baby bottle campaign is an easy and fun way for the whole family to help save the lives of unborn babies by aiding their mothers.

How does the Baby Bottle Campaign work?

When you invite LAPS to do a baby bottle campaign at your church, our volunteers give a brief 2 - 3 minute message in Spanish or English and distribute baby bottles after every Mass or service. We return two weeks later to collect the bottles at all the Masses or services.

We will ask parishioners and congregants to simply take a bottle home and place it in a popular place like the kitchen counter or even to their workplaces to tell co-workers how they can help save lives with a donation. The bottle also reminds parishioners to pray for the moms that come LAPS every day. When the baby bottles are filled with checks, cash, or change parishioners help give pregnant mothers facing difficult pregnancy situations the resources, care and support they need to choose life.